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Host Charter

Preamble: An exchange works well when both parties are fully committed to giving each other the best of themselves.

And to start off on the right foot, complete your profile with all the information requested. Our goal is not to get the most subscribers, but to build a large community of truly motivated individuals.

Reply promptly to all messages that you receive and with the utmost courtesy, even if youíre not interested.

To contact travelers, use our clear simple forms. Please be aware that you may be contacting someone of a different nationality who may not understand all the language nuances you have used.

Clearly explain your normal routine to the person you are hosting: mealtimes, what time you wake up, what time you leave your house in the morning. You don't want to surprise them.
Hotels too have times that have to be respected: check-in, breakfast service, for example...

Specify all useful information, for example:
- whether you are a smoker
- whether you have pets (possible allergy risk)
- whether you have special dietary requirements (vegetarian, etc.)

Indicate precisely how to get to your home
Full address, public transport line... or agree a place to meet them.
To the extent possible, opt for an airport or train station.
Make sure they can easily contact you in case something unexpected happens.

Eat meals together. This is the basis of the concept:
to learn a language together with your guests, in a convivial atmosphere. It is essential that you offer your guest dinner and breakfast. But this advance notice helps give you time to prepare, and even cook a typical local dish.

Help them discover your city or region
Take them on a tour, go out to your favorite spots.
These are all additional opportunities to practice speaking in various contexts, using different vocabulary.

Save your conversations so you can retrieve them at any time, and so you can easily find the information you exchanged (phone number, address, times, etc).

At the end, you should leave a comment about your guest and your experience. This allows us to build a community of trust.

Your opinion, after going through our approval process, will appear on your guest's profile.