For families

You want the best for your children, and we understand this completely. To succeed in their studies, get accepted into a good school, and find a fulfilling profession, speaking foreign languages is certainly an enormous benefit.

But to speak a language well, one must practice.

TalkTalkBnb offers you the opportunity to meet native speakers of the languages you wish to learn and practice.

It’s that simple.

Before an exam, or for your continued studies during the holidays, use the search function to find someone looking to visit your city or region, and invite them to stay a few days with your family.

While you are at work and your children are at school, your guest will be able to explore and be a tourist; then when everyone has returned home, you can sit down for a dinner and conversation – all in his native language, of course!

On the weekend, you can all do activities together. For example, you can plan a tour, some games with the children, show your guest your favorite places in your city, grab a little ice cream… the more time you spend with your guest, speaking about various subjects in his language, the more your children will progress.

Learning a language comes quite naturally once you start to practice. You will be surprised by your children’s abilities.

Invite guests as often as you’d like throughout the year, for weekends or school holidays.

It’s completely free.

For the professional…

You might have an international meeting or conference coming up, and though you learned a language in school, you’re feeling a little rusty with your speaking skills and you worry about being able to hold a conversation with your clients.

…or those still looking

Perhaps you have an interview and you know that competency in a foreign language would set you apart as a desirable candidate.

Don’t fret: TalkTalkBnb can help.

Sign up and invite some guests who speak the language you’d like to practice to come and visit your city. This can be a short visit- a couple of days, or a week. Or you can offer for them to stay awhile, until you’re confident for your big interview. You can also invite different guests as often as you’d like. It’s entirely up to you.

Take advantage of the visit to learn the terminology of your profession in a foreign language, translate your documents, or prepare for meetings and presentations.

Nothing is better and more effective than learning with a native speaker.

For seniors

Of course, we can’t forget about the benefits for older generations and seniors.
You may have some extra space in your home since your children have grown up and moved out, as well as some free time to pursue your interests if you’ve retired.

You may be regretting never learning a foreign language… maybe the language your grandparents spoke, or generations before that.

TalkTalkBnb is perfect for you.

By hosting travelers from different countries, you can discover new cultures and learn new languages (or old ones), in exchange for offering them your hospitality and perhaps some advice on the best places to visit in your city.

Finally, go out and explore the world, offering your talents and your language in exchange.

TalkTalkBnb is a solution for all ages.