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"Necessity is the mother of invention".

The necessity of learning a language should actually be the biggest motivating factor for learning foreign languages.

Many people become disenchanted with the language courses; saying that they are not “meant for learning languages”.

No denying that some people find it easier than others to learn languages, the real reason is often that the student has practiced their conversation skills in the classroom.

Thus, to be successful, follow these rules.

1. The earlier one learns, the better

It is well known, children learn more easily than adults. So why not teach them a second language at a young age?

Moreover, learning allows the brain to develop more easily; children will after develop an ease of learning in other fields of study as well.

2. Connect easily and quickly with native speakers

Too often, learning a language gives too much importance to the study of grammar and memorising lists of vocabulary instead of actually conversing and practicing.

The key is talking with people whose mother tongue is the language you wish to practice.

Try finding a partner from another country who would be willing to spend time with you and give you a chance to practice.

For example, you can place ads in forums to find the right conversation partner or integrate yourself in discussion groups.

TalkTalkBnb is an ideal platform for this kind of exchange.

It was created for this purpose.

3. Change the accents

Try to host travellers from various cities and regions of the world because speaking a foreign language is to understand and be understood by the natives.

English from London, Los Angeles, and Sydney?

Spanish from Spain and Argentina? French from France and Quebec ?

These significant differences will help you perfect the language.

4. In addition: read, listen and watch in the chosen language

Immersing yourself in a language means doing all the things you would normally do in your native language.

Watch your favorite shows and films in the original version. Read a newspaper, magazine or blog article per day.

Change your language settings on all your electronic devices (smartphone, tablet, etc.. ) and change the default language of your Facebook account.

After a few days of such adaptation, you will emerge as good as a natural, and all new expressions will be learned with ease.

5. Do not be afraid to make mistakes

Beginner's mistakes are inevitable.

They may bother you, but do not focus on them.

The person you are speaking to will find them funny, and will appreciate your efforts to speak his language.

He will understand you and correct you as you go.

A few barriers to break, and the world is yours.