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Kim (Karuna)

55 years old

Syracuse, Italy

Mother tongue: English

Destinations searched: Cambodia, Laos, India, Thailand, Morocco

About Kim (Karuna)

I am a 55 year old, American, female, ethical vegan, who loves all people, animals and Sentient Beings. I am an eco-minded, nature lover who loves to travel and make wonderful friends everywhere. I don't drink or smoke and I am very clean, positive, respectful, honest and dependable. I have lived in Italy for over 10 years and speak Italian fluently; however, I still need to perfect the grammar. I have a Master's degree in Physical Therapy and worked as a physical therapist for five years before quitting to dedicate my time to teaching yoga, and now I focus on sharing TriYoga ( I am interested in sharing the innumerable benefits of yoga and can offer english language help, help with animal care and general help. I have experience walking dogs and love spending time with all people and animal friends. Here is my yoga biography:

Kim has a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy and practiced physical therapy for five years. Kim dedicates her teaching to TriYoga and studies with the founder of TriYoga, Kali Ray. A devoted practitioner of yoga since 1997, she completed the Iyengar yoga teacher-training program with Patricia Walden and assisted Patricia Walden in her classes for 2 and a half years. Kim, the Director of Teachers for five years at Karma Yoga Studio in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and acted as a physical therapy consultant, as the owner developed his own style of yoga asanas, PhysioYoga. Kim completed several seminars in Kripalu and Para yoga and has been an avid practitioner of qigong since 1999. Kim loves sharing the transformative benefits of yoga and qigong with everyone who is interested, and follows a vegan diet to respect the animals, her health and the planet.

I am a very positive, joyful person who spends a lot of time meditating and studying to better understand this earth journey. I am usually in bed by 10:30 or 11pm at the latest. I am an ethical vegan so I never eat any meat, fish, dairy, eggs, honey or animal products. I am interested in becoming a better vegan cook to help others experience delicious, vegan food that helps save our health, the animals and the planet. I am single and I do not have any children; nor am I the guardian of any animal friends at this time. I appreciate the learning experiences granted to us from the vicissitudes of life; I love the opportunity to travel; and I cherish the opportunity to learn from everyone I meet. I enjoy archaeological sites and museums and learning about the history and philosophy of the entire world. I love music, dance and all artistic expression that allows one to feel their connection to the Whole. I aspire to learn new languages and love all practices that enhance our ability to cultivate a positive mind, to connect, to respect and to embrace the diversity of all life for the welfare and benefit of All Sentient Beings that share this planet together. I am very interested in human consciousness and the power of the mind. I have completed Dolores Cannon's Level One Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and I am an avid fan and student of Dr. Joe Dispenza's work. I am very friendly and social; however, I equally enjoy spending a lot of quiet time alone. I have excellent personal and professional references. I also have references on airbnb and workaway. Thank you. I look forward to meeting many new friends. Sincerely in Cosmic Light, Love, Joy, Energy and Abundance for All Sentient Beings, Kim (Karuna)

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Cambodia, Laos, India, Thailand, Morocco

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I love to travel to experience new cultures, new friends and new opportunities to expand my consciousness. I also love to share the innumerable benefits of yoga, meditation and a vegan lifestyle. I plan on traveling in Morocco, Spain and Portugal from January to April, 2022.

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L'esperienza che abbiamo vissuto con Kim è stata positiva sotto tutti i punti di vista. Grazie alla sua gentilezza e alla sua educazione è entrata subito a far parte della nostra famiglia in modo naturale. I giorni sono volati ed abbiamo potuto non solo parlare in inglese, ma anche praticare lo yoga insieme a lei. Sono state due settimane così intense e piacevoli che speriamo si possano ripetere il prossimo anno.

September 2019
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Ho avuto il piacere di ospitare, per un mese e mezzo, Kim, una donna “ speciale “, che brilla di luce propria, gentile, ordinata, gaia e gioiosa, profondamente positiva nel cuore: da lei ho imparato un pò di Triyoga, è, infatti, una brava maestra, ed ha saputo inculcare in me una profonda serenità di vita. Tutti vogliono stare intorno a persone così solari da illuminare una stanza. E che dire poi del suo sorriso, sin dalle prime ore del mattino? La gentilezza è una sua dote naturale. La rivedrò? Forse, se la vita vorrà. Probabile, visto che “ ama “ la Sicilia. Per il momento, un caloroso abbraccio….. GRAZIE PER ESSERCI I had the pleasure of hosting, for a month and a half, Kim, a "special" woman, who shines with her own light, kind, orderly, cheerful and joyful, deeply positive in the heart: I learned a little Triyoga from her, she is in fact, a good teacher, and she knew how to instill in me a profound serenity of life. Everyone wants to be around people so sunny that they illuminate a room. And what about her smile, from the early hours of the morning? Kindness is a natural gift. Will I see her again? Maybe if life will. Probable, since he "loves" Sicily. For the moment, a warm hug ... THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE

January 2020