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34 years old

Perth, Australia

Mother tongue: Spanish

Destinations searched: Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Moldova

About Christopher

I like travelling a lot; I've been doing it for a few years now.

I’m always open to meet up new people and share experiences. I would consider myself an open-mind kind of a guy, I love to learn new stuff and discover other cultures.

My travel experiences are very diverse! Been doing different things here and there, like operating a lift for the winter season in Lake Tahoe California, packing kiwis in Tauranga New Zealand, working in a garden with a big variety of fruits and veggies in Menton France, swimming with giant sea turtles in Galapagos Ecuador, drinking mate in Uruguay and riding a motorcycle all along Vietnam for a month!

All these wonderful moments gave me a super wide view of what life in this world is and how I want to live and what I want to do; they gave me languages, ways to communicate and to interact with people and nature, they gave me consciousness about my being, and my place in this awesome cosmos, they thought me respect with my environment, empathy and flow!

Since I’ve been a long time on the way, I had the chance to live and share with many people, I’m really happy to continue to do this, sharing is caring ☺

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Destinations searched:

Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Moldova

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  • From April 16, 2022 To April 16, 2023

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As the traveller I am, I'm very happy that after 2 fabulous years in living in Fremantle, Australia, new opportunities opened up for me to continue travelling. I'm very looking forward to start a new journey in Budapest, one of those where immersion into am unknown culture is the guide. When it comes to languages I'm an enthusiastic learner! I'm very happy to teach my Spanish mother language, and I would also be able to share my English knowledge. I also speak French and would love to practice :D