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Women Only

At TalkTalkBnb, we are thrilled that our platform has succeeded in bringing together a large community of hosts and travellers around the world, a large majority of which are women.

We want our site to be safe and comfortable for everyone, and we are guessing that some of you would be more comfortable staying with or hosting other women, at least for the first couple exchanges.      

For this reason, we've created the option « Women Only ».

By activating this feature on your public profile, you will only be able to be contacted by other women.

However, from your end, you can still contact men if you wish, who will then be able to respond to you.

To activate « Women Only », go to your dashboard > My Profile > Update.

Just tick the box next to this icon.

Other TalkTalkBnb users will know you want to be contacted by women only when they see this icon on your public profile.


You can deactivate this feature at any time from your dashboard.

We wish you many marvelous exchanges with TalkTalkBnb !


This function was created at the request of female users, after some of them had notified us of men using the platform to make unwanted advances.

This is not at all the purpose of TalkTalkBnb, nor will it be. We stand by our principal objective.

This option gives female users control over what male members may contact them. Male members should remember that they can be blocked, and remain polite in conversations on the site. We hope this will promote respectful exchanges, so that in the end no female users will feel they have to use this function.