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55 years old

Lorient, France

Mother tongue: French

Wants to practice: English, Italian

Destinations searched: London, Krakow

About Hubert

I'm the founder of this website.
You can learn more about the TalkTalkBnb team in the "Who are we" tab, in the footer.

You can message me if you need help with this website, or if you wish to report something : bugs, wrong translations, broken links, etc...

Other language(s) spoken

Italian :

English :

Some details about our home

To improve my language skills, I can host

1 person all year

Sleeping space offered

Private bedroom


My household

2 adults / 3 children

Food preferences

I eat everything

What we like to do as a family

Watch TV

Sport outings


I can offer


My travel plans

Destinations searched:

London, Krakow

Number of travellers

1 person

Travel periods

I'm flexible, ask me

I can offer

Introduction to a musical instrument


Travel context

I travel for work. 5 or 6 days each time. I'll be very please to meet you in your place. I'll bring some good food from Brittany (crepes, cider, sardines...).